Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its been too long since my last post, and in the future I will try for at least once a month. I've been reading many blogs, and one of my favorites is by the fashion designer Paul Smith, and he writes at least once a week. He is also a big photography fan as you can see if you take a look at some of his old posts.

The photo world will be gearing up again in the Fall, however, the last few weeks, the news has been covering the glass negatives that were found and claimed to be by Ansel Adams. However, most recently, there have been articles stating that not only are the negatives not necessarily by Adams, but that the dealer representing the whole thing has lets say, a very shady past. Today, I just read that the Ansel Adams Trust is suing the man who found the negatives, who seems to reproducing prints from them. There is definately more to come on this.

There have been some great shows this past summer that several of our members were able to attend, and there is more information in detail on the website news section. Ida Wyman travelled from Wisconsin to Connecticut to attend a one woman show at Joie De Livres. Irene Halsman went to Atlanta to attend the opening of the Dali show at the High Museum, and Victoria Haas said she had a wonderful time in Arles, France for 10 days for the solo show by her father, Ernst Haas. There are many more solo and group shows coming up this Fall that include our members. I'm excited by the upcoming show that Ruth Orkin, Ernst Haas and Inge Morath will be in at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery called BEYOND COLOR that opens on September 16.

I'm also thrilled that APAG continues to grow, and we now have over 50 members including 35 archives, 15 photographers, several foundations, and our newest category, archivists who have been very helpful for the group.

Enjoy the end of the summer!

Mary Engel

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